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Pro hac meta, omnia quae usque ad hoc tempus obtenta sunt, quaedam tantum sunt itineris pars, quamvis de ea bene sperare liceat et perutilis sit. In view of this goal, all the results so far attained are but one stage of the journey , however promising and positive.

itineris from normal *itinis and analogic *iteris), from Proto-Indo-European reconstructed as *h₁éy-tr̥ ~ *h₁i-tén-, from *h₁ey-(whence eō). Cognate with Hittite itar. Pronunciation Contextual translation of "itineris" from Latin into Swedish. Examples translated by humans: MyMemory, World's Largest Translation Memory. Itinerary definition, a detailed plan for a journey, especially a list of places to visit; plan of travel. See more.

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an account of a journey; record of travel. a book describing a route or routes of … The Itineris is a secret stolen unit acquired by infiltrating an Epsilon Research Lab, as well as owning a Tech Time Machine and an Epsilon Research Lab. It only exists on the version 2.x series. The Itineris is a versatile hover transport unit, as it is able to traverse over water, defend Translation for: 'itineris finis iter' in Latin->English dictionary. Search nearly 14 million words and phrases in more than 470 language pairs. itinerary definition: 1.

Learn more. Copyright © {{year}} Secure Transportation, Inc. All rights reserved. How is Itineris Early College High School (West Jordan, UT) abbreviated?

generate, the more engine power you get, but it alsoPrice: $ road = iter itineris way; means to attain something; roadstead, protected area for ships to anchor 

(14) -iter. -ly. clamea admittenda in itinere per atturnatum.

Itineris meaning

iter, itineris [n.] C Noun. Unreviewed user-edited word. This word was edited by a user and has not been reviewed yet. There may be some mistakes. Translations.

Itineris meaning

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Itineris has a wide variety of courses ranging from the sciences and mathematics to English and history. click for more sentences of itineris Itineris: Latin word meaning the journey. Life is a journey. Learning is a journey. Leadership is a journey. This website is intended as a celebration and sharing of the journey.
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Add collection 200. Visit a page 5. Add a comment 10. Quality of life is a concept that has meaning and structure which varies 1 ITINERIS Fundation-Organizational Empowerment Workshops in Disability, Buenos  Noun · A journey.

Add collection 200. Visit a “Where a ship, chartered to convey a cargo to a certain port … is prevented from completing the voyage … the master of the ship may transship the goods, and thus conveying them to their destination, earn his full freight. Itinerant definition is - traveling from place to place; especially : covering a circuit.
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Meaning of Itinerary. What does Itinerary mean?

iter: …Origin & history Conflation of an r/n-stem (where both stems are incorporated, thus gen. itineris from normal *itinis and analogic *iteris), from Proto-Indo-European reconstructed… cooperator : …Brittaniam, eo quod iam bis partes Galliarum diuersis ex causis adisset, et ob id maiorem huius itineris peragendi notitiam haberet, sufficiensque esset in possessione hominum propriorum; et ut…

iter itineris. journey · road · route · tour · trip · voyage. iter legis. The path of the law. i·tin·er·ar·y (ī-tĭn′ə-rĕr′ē, ĭ-tĭn′-) n. pl. i·tin·er·ar·ies 1.

2. Check 'itineris' translations into English. Look through examples of itineris translation in sentences, listen to pronunciation and learn grammar. iter, itineris [n.]C Noun. Unreviewed user-edited word This word was edited by a user and has not been reviewed yet. There may be some mistakes. Translations itineris finis iter EUdict (European dictionary) is a collection of online dictionaries for the languages spoken mostly in Europe.